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Live, Love, Create a Legacy

Our Memorial Videos (also known as Celebration of Life Videos or Memory Videos) are artfully crafted to tell the story of  a life remembered. Designed with healing in mind, a memorial video is the perfect way to celebrate and honor the life of a special loved one. Our review process guarantees your full satisfaction. The result is a tribute to your loved one and a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

All Memorial Videos include:

  • 50, 100, or 150 photos (please see pricing for customization)
  • Songs of your choice or choose from our library
  • Subtle transitions between pictures
  • Animation custom focused on loved one
  • Up to 2 Titles
  • Up to 2 Revisions
  • Direct Download link


  • Add as many pictures, graphics, or titles
  • Digital or Scannable Photos
  • Video on CD, DVD, or Flash Drive
  • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo Channel

Memorial Video Pricing

Memorial Video Instructions

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Please review the following steps for submitting your Memorial Video images:

  • Assemble ALL Images & Music. Send (or manually deliver) all completed content at one time using DropBox's 'Share Link' or similar app (An invite will be sent if you don't already have this app)
  • Send ALL images in .JPG format
  • Number ALL images starting with '001-Name of File', '002-Name of File' etc... (although naming is not required, numbering is)
  • Email the Intro Message and the End Message up to 3 lines for each message (a message is not required)
  • Email any specific requests for any specific photos (by default, 1st and last pictures will be held out longer than the rest of the photos)
  • Request any DVD or CD copies you would like to have purchased in addition to the included digital file of completed Memorial Video
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